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Medical Courier Training, Who really needs it?

I have a client, whom shall remain nameless, who recently joined up with Integrity Medical Courier Training and had us train all of their employee drivers. With our training programs, we also provide examples of documents that our clients have their drivers sign, ie; OSHA Acknowledgments, HIPAA Acknowledgments, etc.

 Last week, one of their drivers was having an exceptionally bad day, and just decided that they weren't going to deliver about 8 patient test result envelopes,…


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Why Medical Courier Training? Because People Matter.

It's been quite awhile since I've written on this blog site, and for that I apologize.  This summer has been a busy one with preparations for the Medical Transportation Summit, (which was a huge success,) and being a father and a "Pop-Pop to the grand kids."

I often like to look back on the past year and reflect on comments and reactions from prospective clients, or actual clients because it helps me to re-calibrate my approach as to why we are in business.



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OSHA Compliance: Recorded Training vs Live Training--Which is Compliant?

I decided to repost this entry because one of our competitors is telling people that recorded training programs for bloodborne pathogen training are OSHA Compliant. It should become clear to the reader that they are not.


Beginning of Article:

OSHA has posted a wealth of information on this issue, yet courier owners still spend millions of dollars across the U.S. on training programs that are virtually worthless.

From OSHA's website: "The…


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Referrals from Integrity Medical Courier Training to the Medical Community in your city.

More and more Laboratories, Hospital Groups and Bloodbanks are contacting Integrity Medical Courier Training and asking if we can connect them with properly trained medical couriers in a particular city.


Having trained over 85 courier companies in the date, it's our pleasure to help them make that connection with our courier clients.  We consider it a privelege to play even a small part in delivering "Excellent Patient Care" across the country.


Is your…


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Don't put off Re-Certification! Read-On.

I recieved a call today from a client of ours whose compliance has lapsed because of high administrative turn over.

It's been over 2 years since we have trained their drivers, and today there was an exposure incident.


The company has been providing pick up and delivery of inter-office mail, charts, x-rays, etc., for a large group of medical offices, but no medical specimens or biohazardous products, until today.

One of the drivers was asked by one of the clinics…


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Why host a "Medical Transportation Summit?"

Why, indeed.

My wife and I have been in the medical industry for most of our working lives. She worked in a clinical lab in several departments, including hematology, serology, virology, billing and distribution. She also managed a large medical office, and worked as a unit secretary in a Level One Trauma Center for 8 years. She also managed a 3 million dollar a year medical courier service in Denver for several years.   I worked as a courier, and ultimately a courer-trainer for the…


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There's Life (and death) In the Blood..

I've been doing medical specimen deliveries now since 1980, and I've seen all kinds of spills and accidents. When they happen, a courier can get a bit frightened and if he doesn't follow the proper procedures, infection can happen that ultimately could lead to death.

It's easy to get into our routine as medical couriers. We get the call for a stat, or we head out on our route, never thinking that today could be the day we have an Exposure Incident.



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Medical Transportation Summit in Colorado in the summer of 2013!

Planning continues for the first annual "Medical Transportation Summit," in the summer of 2013, which will bring together key figures from the medical community and the transportation industry that supports them. Invited speakers represent the Clinical Lab Industry, the Pharmaceutical Industry, Pathology Labs and Blood Banks.

After this 3 day event, explore the Rocky Mountain Region with your family with hiking, horseback riding, biking, river rafting and much more!



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Don't blow it off...

From time to time, I get out and do occaisional deliveries for my courier company, Integrity Medical Couriers.

Yesterday, I got a call to pick up a certain specimen in a lock box in an underground garage.  There were several lock boxes for my particular lab client, and (I typically check them all--just a habit I developed years ago,) and found a tissue specimen that had been left in the lock box and it was dated 7/25 as the "collection date."  I immediately called my lab client…


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Are your couriers "highly trained," or "barely trained?"


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On-Site training in Ohio and Singapore!

I am back in the office after 2 weeks of grueling, but rewarding travel that led me to Ohio, and on to Singapore.

In Ohio, we provided our medical courier training program to Best Courier. It was a great session and based on what I saw, they are doing alot of things right to deliver excellent patient care!  There was an engaging time of questions and answers and the test session always provides for an interesting interaction.  Any lab or hospital group in Ohio would be well served to…


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Is It Just me??

Recently, I have been approached by representatives from their own respecive courier companies requesting that I provide them with a potential client list so they can go out and secure those medical clients, and then purchase our training program.

Does anyone else see a problem with this picture?

I am a small businessman and have plenty on my plate to deal with these days.  I own a small courier company in Colorado Springs as well as our consulting company and have all I can do…


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See you at the MCAA Last Mile Delivery Forum in Atlanta 10/20-10/22!

I have been asked, and have agreed to be a panelist at the 2011 Last Mile Delivery Forum in Atlanta Georgia.

I will be a part of the Hospital Logistics panel on Saturday where we will discuss how to approach, sell to, and service the medical community as a whole.

I look forward to seeing several of our current clients and hope to meet several new friens as well.

In response to so many companies asking about "train the trainer," rather than tell people what we can't do,…


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Train the Trainer?

We are often asked if we provide a "train the trainer" service.  My answer is always the same, no.

There are several reasons why this is not a good idea, but let's start with the most obvious; qualification.


Not everyone is qualified to provide bloodborne pathogen training to their drivers.

OSHA recently posted answer to the question of who is qualified to perform the training on their website:


Question 1: Does 1910.1030(g)(2)(viii)…


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Speaking at the California Delivery Association meeting on July 22nd in Irvine, California!

Greetings everyone!

I will be speaking at the CDA in Irvine at the Hyatt Regency Hotel on July 22nd.  I will be covering the topic of "How to get into the specimen delivery business."


One point I will be talking about is an issue that I have run into alot lately and it's similar to the "What came first, the chicken or the egg?" argument.  Some courier companies send their sales people out on sales calls to medical labs, hospitals, and blood banks, with little or no…


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Dry Ice: Anyone can use it. Or Can They?

I got a call late last week from a courier in the Southwest who had been transporting dry ice in a large ziplock bag in a cooler in the back seat of his car, when he heard a hissing noise and pulled over.

The nylon cooler he had put the bag of dry ice in had expanded and was stretched nearly to the breaking point.

The courier was working for a local medical courier company who had a good training program in place, but the driver was a bit frightened.

"What should he do?"…


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Do your drivers transport Biohazard "sharps" containers? Read on.

I got another call yesterday from a courier who was asked to transport a sharps container for a client and was quite concerned that she had possibly been infected with a dangerous bloodborn pathogen.


The incident started when she was asked by her courier company's pharmacy client to deliver meds to a patient in their home and pick up his used sharps container. As it was described to her, she was supposed to pick up a sealed "sharps" container and put it into the thick, red,…


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Would you know an OSHA violation if you saw one?

Over the last few months, I have heard from 4 different companies that have either experienced a recent OSHA audit, or were anticipating one at any time.  One company was cited and fined for not having their chains secured in the cab of the company truck and for not having a MSDS sheet available for the detergent they used to wash…


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'Tis the Season!

It's that time of year again, Christmas displays are going up, houses are lit and festive, Holiday music on every radio channel, and Rudolph on tv.

It's a time of good will and hoping for peace on Earth and a time of giving and thinking of others,

And in this season of giving, why not give the gift of training to safely transport medical specimens and avoid exposure to bloodborn pathogens?

I know you're thinking, "But there's IPads and Ipods,…


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To the tune of "O Holy Night..."

"Oh Holy Crap! My driver broke a specimen and then stepped on it with his right foot.."

"Now he is sick and our company's in trouble, if we had only called Integrity!"

"Now an OSHA auditer is knocking on our door,"

"He wants to see our Exposure Control Plan!"

"What the heck is that?!?"

"I've heard the term before..."

"Oh Why, oh Why, didn't we call Integrity??"

"Oh Why, oh Why, didn't we call Integrity??"

"Our client is…


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